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EUROLUB Sustainability


Sustainability Information

For EUORLUB, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, so we take particular care in selecting our service providers. Here are our latest projects:

Our bees - beefuture

From the first quarter of 2020, we have our own bees on our premises in Eching. The company beefuture set up beehives at our premises – we invest in sustainable nature conservation, and we harvest our own honey.

Logo beefuture

Our partner: www.beefuture.online

snack from Fruitful Office

We are happy to supply our employees with fresh fruit. Choosing the right service provider was very important to us, for sustainability reasons. Fruitful only supplies us with fruit from producers in Germany, Central and Western Europe, and plants a fruit tree in Malawi for every fruit basket sold.

Our paper destruction with Shred-it

In our everyday office life we already take care to avoid unnecessary printouts, but inevitably some paperwork accumulates. It was therefore important to us to find a partner for the disposal of our shredded paperwork. With Shred-it we found a partner that recycles 100% of our paper waste.